Five Adorable Things Mischievous Kitties Always Get Away With

Do you have a kitty? If so, there’s a good chance that your furry friend has you wrapped around that cute little paw of hers. Cats are well aware of the fact that they’re adorable. Even when Fluffy’s not on her best behavior, she manages to be super cute. A Rosedale, MD vet lists five cute things cats always get away with in this article.

Knocking Things Over

Does your cat seem to enjoy smacking things off tables and countertops? No one is sure why kitties seem to enjoy this, but it’s fairly likely that it’s one way of asking for attention. It’s also fairly likely that they’ll get it!

Talking Back

Have you ever moved your kitty, or plucked her from a bookcase, only to find her protesting with an adorable little meow? Does Fluffy sometimes to argue with you when you tell her to get down from something? Kitties can be very vocal, and some of them have no qualms about speaking their minds!

Sleeping In The Laundry

As we all know, cats love sleeping. In fact, your furball might spend as much as 20 hours a day napping. Fluffy will likely rotate between several different napping spots, but if you have a basket of fresh laundry out, there’s a pretty good chance that it will attract your kitty. And if this happens, there’s also a good chance that you’ll look at your furball and decide she looks too cute and comfy to move!

Stealing Your Chair

Have you ever stood up to get something, only to find that your furball immediately took over the spot you vacated? Fluffy probably has a slightly proud expression on that cute little face when you return to discover she’s taken your spot. If you can’t bring yourself to move her, and sit somewhere else instead, you’re not alone!

Getting Into Things

Have you ever opened a box, and found that your cat jumped into it before you were even done? Or have you ever taken out a suitcase, only to find that Fluffy immediately packed herself into it for a nap? Cats are very curious, and our furry little buddies are always exploring, well, anything they can.

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