Halloween Safety Advice

Halloween Safety Advice from Our Essex Veterinarian.

For people, Halloween means costumes and candy. For pets, those same costumes and candy can spell danger, leading to a visit to the local animal clinic or emergency vet. At Paw Prints Pet Hospital, serving the Essex, Nottingham, Parkville, Rosedale and Dundalk areas, we have some tips to keep your pets happy and safe this Halloween.

Avoid the Chocolate, Avoid the Emergency Trip to the Veterinary Clinic.

While your pet may want to eat all the chocolate she sees, don’t let her as doing so may result in an emergency trip to our veterinary clinic. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and other pets. The stronger the chocolate, such as dark chocolate, the more harm it can cause your pet. Keep all candies well out of the reach of your pet.

Take Care Around Jack O’ Lanterns.

If you have a pet that likes to run around the house or yard, be especially careful about carved pumpkins. A happy puppy can accidentally knock over the pumpkin spelling disaster if it has a lit candle inside. Pets that get too close to the flame can burn themselves, even if they don’t knock the pumpkin over. Avoid the risk of fire and burns by using an electric candle or LED tea light.  If your pet does get burned, take him to your local animal clinic for care right away.

Rethink the Costume.

Just like people, not every pet likes dressing up. Some pets may chew on or eat parts of their costume, making the costumes a choking hazard. If your pet struggles when you try to put a costume on him, skip the costume this year. If your pet does let you put a costume on him, make sure it is free of choking hazards and that any loose pieces, such as zipper pulls or ties, are well out of the reach of his mouth.

What do you do to keep your pet happy and safe at Halloween?