Dental Hygiene In Pets.

At Paw Prints Pet Hospital, we emphasize the importance of proper dental hygiene for our furry friends to all pet owners.

Daily teeth brushing is one of the most important home care activities every pet owner should be doing regularly. Many pet owners don’t brush their pet’s teeth because they don’t know the importance of dental hygiene in pets or they are afraid to try it because they think it is difficult. It is actually quite simple and most pets will learn to enjoy the time with you. The trick is to make the process fun!

Yes, all of the other methods of reducing tartar buildup on your pets teeth like chews and rinses may help slightly, but they are not nearly as effective as brushing daily. Just as with humans, brushing is more effective than waking up every morning chewing on bubble gum or only rinsing with mouthwash as a main source of your own dental hygiene.

Where do I start? You may ask. The first step is to purchase pet toothpaste and toothbrush. Be sure to only use pet toothpaste, as they do not foam, are safe to swallow and comes in several pet friendly flavors. These are widely available from pet stores. Go slowly and give your pet treats and plenty of praise every step of the way.

Even with daily brushing, Professional dental cleaning is still required annually in most cases. Remember, humans brush their teeth twice daily and still need a teeth cleaning twice a year.

Studies have shown that 85% of pets over 4years of age suffer from periodontal disease. When periodontal disease is present the boundary formed by the gum is compromised, bacterial can now enter the bloodstream where it can cause disease in the liver, joints, kidneys and heart muscles. Proper dental cleaning may help prolong your pet’s life and maximize their quality of life.

Professional dental cleaning gives your pet a fresh start and daily brushing maintains those beautiful canines and fresh breaths ready for more kisses!

Aren’t you just excited to start practicing proper dental care? Go ahead, start now! Make an appointment today so that we can give your pet that Hollywood smile!