Vaccinating Your Pets Can Save Their Lives.


Vaccinating Your pet at Our Animal Clinic.

At Paw Prints Pet Hospital, we can ensure that your pet receives the vaccinations that he or she needs to stay safe around other animals. We know that economic times are tough right now and understand that it can be hard to find the funds to vaccinate your pet each year. At our Essex veterinary clinic, we offer a Wellness Plan, that allows you to spread out the cost of care over a twelve month period.

We hope that the low monthly payments offered by our vet clinic will lead to the immunization of more animals and will help reduce the transmission of many preventable diseases throughout Maryland.

The warm summertime weather creates a great excuse to go and enjoy outdoor adventures with your family pet. Before you head outside, make sure that your animal is up to date on his or her vaccinations. Vaccination can help protect your pet from contracting one of several dangerous diseases that can be transmitted by other animals you may encounter. Vaccines are extremely effective, help reduce disease transmission within the animal population, and can help prevent you from paying for expensive medical care down the road should your pet contract one of these preventable diseases.

Dogs should receive the 5-in-1 DHPP vaccination or the 6-in-1 DHLPP vaccine and the bordetella vaccine, these vaccinations offer protection against diseases such as Parvo, Distemper and Kennel cough.

Cats should receive the 4-in-1 FVRCPC vaccine and the feline leukemia vaccine, depending on their lifestyle.

In addition, both dogs and cats should receive the rabies vaccination which is required by law in most areas of the country. These vaccines will help protect your pet from disease and keep them healthy and happy for years to come. We encourage residents in Essex, Dundalk, Nottingham, Parkville and Rosedale to keep their pets’ vaccines up to date.

Have you gotten your pet vaccinated at our animal clinic? What tips or experiences do you have to share with our readers?