Simple Ways to Help Ease Your Pet’s Arthritis Pain

Just like humans, as our animal companions age, they can experience a variety of age-related conditions that may cause discomfort. One such condition is arthritis, an affliction that affects the joints, causing pain and limiting mobility. The good news is arthritis is manageable and there are ways to help a pet that suffers from this condition to live a more comfortable life. Here are a few helpful tips from a Rosedale vet on easing your pet’s arthritis pain.

First – talk with your Rosedale vet. Animals that suffer from this condition should be closely monitored by both you and your trusted veterinarian to ensure that symptoms are being managed the most effective way possible. This may include therapy, nutritional supplements or medication, based on your pet’s specific needs and situation.

Next, be sure you are providing your pet with a comfortable place to rest. The more padding, the better, as arthritis can make your animal companion’s joints ache. You’ll also want to make sure that your pet’s bed is placed in a warm, dry area that is free from any drafts. Cooler air and dampness can exacerbate the condition and make it worse.

Place food and water bowls at an elevated level. This will allow your pet to eat and drink more comfortably, without having to bend down and place strain on his or her back, neck and legs. Your Rosedale vet can suggest a product that would work best for your pet, based on size and height.

The pain caused by arthritis can also make climbing stairs and jumping onto furniture painful for your pet. To ease this discomfort, try installing ramps throughout your home. This will allow your pet to get up and down much more easily, placing less stress on the joints. You may also want to consider installing carpet or using throw rugs on slippery floors to make it easier for your pet to get around without the risk of slipping and injuring themselves.

Finally, keep a close eye on your pet. Remember, nobody knows your animal companion better than you. If you notice any marked change in his or her behavior, mobility or movement, or you suspect that your pet may be experiencing more pain than usual, it’s probably time to give your Rosedale vet a call. Together you can develop a plan that will help you manage your pet’s condition and allow them to live a more comfortable life.