The Benefits of Hiring a Cat Sitter

As a loving cat owner, if you had your way you’d probably bring your feline companion with you everywhere you went. Unfortunately, this is often not possible. When it comes to making arrangements for the care of your cat in your absence, there are several options available. You can leave your cat with friends or family, you can board them at a professional facility, or you can hire a cat sitter. The latter comes with a great deal of benefits, as highlighted below by a Rosedale veterinarian.

It’s less stressful. By hiring a professional cat sitter, your pet doesn’t have to leave the comfort and security of their own home. This is much less stressful than taking a trip to the kennel. Remember, cats are creatures of habit and they don’t typically like change. Staying in their own familiar environment is much better for most cats.

It’s healthier. No matter how spotless a kennel is, if there are other animals staying there, your pet can be exposed to a number of germs that could make them sick. Staying home where it is safe is much healthier.

Your cat will receive one on one attention. Bringing your cat to a boarding facility or to the home of a friend or family member that may have other pets can take away from the love and attention that your kitty will receive while you’re away. A pet sitter will spend quality one on one time with your cat.

A cat sitter will have your pet’s best interest in mind. Ask any Rosedale veterinarian and they’ll tell you that in-home care is almost always the best choice for cats. Provided you do your homework and hire a skilled professional, you’ll be able to rest assured that your cat’s best interests will always be taken into account while you’re gone.

Your home will be safer. An added bonus to hiring a professional cat sitter is the fact that frequent visits to your home can make it a less desirable target for a break-in. Even though you’re not home, you’ll know that someone will be regularly stopping by and spending time at your home, giving it an added level of security in your absence.

Choosing the right mode of care for your feline companion ultimately depends on your situation, your cat’s personality and care needs, and a number of other unique factors. Before you make any decisions, discuss it with your Rosedale veterinarian. He or she can provide guidance and advice, and may even be able to offer a referral to a trustworthy cat sitting service for you to try.